Sunday, May 15, 2011

ROW Lecture Tour -Cleveland ,Ohio 2011

In this photo we see the very delightful home of my hosts, Helen and John, which is in a rural area on the banks of a river. John and Helen were just commencing to plant their vegetable garden for the year as the warmer weather approached, after the recent melting of the snows

The surrounding country was originally all used for growing corn, and much of it still is with these old corn silos being still in use. Slowly, and inexorably, though, urbanisation is creeping in. The closest townships in either direction were about seven miles away. Each day whilst there I took the opportunity to walk, and never quite made it to either of the townships. My goal is to do so next time.

The lady in the centre is the owner of a local raw food reastaurant, which is the centre for much of the activity in the alternative health field and who hosted the pot-luck group to whom I spoke.

Cleveland is situated on the shores of one of the Great Lakes dividing the US from Canada, Lake Eyrie. This how I saw it from the high rise unit of  one of the local people who kindly invited me to a delicious raw food meal, followed by a day of sight-seeing in Cleveland.

This monument was erected in commemoration of President James Garfield, considered, so I recall, as the founder of the United States.

I was just a little too early to view the interior of the building as renovations were in progress at the time. 

This is the frontal view, or as best as it could be photgraphed due to the surrounding trees.

Nearby, and almost alongside, was this monument to the Rockefeller family

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