Monday, April 2, 2012

ROW Lecture Tour - India 2012 Part 3

Westerners were  not a common sight to these school children so naturally enough they would stop and watch as you walked by.

The tuk tuk Taxi, was of course, to be seen even in the remotest of villages being the most common form of motorised transport.

Because of the steepness of the land, stone retaining walls were commonly used to protect the soil from eroding.

The type of terracing as observed in this photo was commonly practiced to prevent erosian.

Dr K.V.'s new clinic in its last stages of preparation in Kerala.

As our last entry in this segment for today is this sign of the fact that on most country railway stations at least was a source of some living food, as well as.of course, the usual cooked and denatured foods to be found in today's world.

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